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After School / Summer Camp 

Local After School / Summer Camp Program

Parents looking for the best after school and summer camp program in the area can count on Soaring Eagles Academy to provide their children with social interaction and educational activities. We are committed to helping children succeed and learn the necessary materials and skills while here with us while we provide a safe and secure atmosphere. We offer a safe space with proven programs so we can ensure that each child is engaged in activities they can benefit from to learn and grow. Reach out to us today to find out more about our after school program that is perfect for working parents and guardians. There is also information posted on our website, so please stop by today.

Parents and guardians looking for an after school and summer camp that they can count on to be safe and engaging for children will love the program we offer at Soaring Eagles Academy. Our team of educators and caregivers are dedicated to providing children who are enrolled in our programs with the best instruction and guidance. Our program is designed to give kids a great setting they can thrive in while parents and guardians tackle daily work or tasks. Anyone who wants more information about our program is encouraged to reach out to us directly to get up to date information or to begin the process of registration. Let us help kids get the care they need in the afternoon with peace of mind.

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