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Diverse Learning Environments

We are more than just a daycare! Our curriculum is tailored to help children meet developmental milestones in a safe, nurturing environment. We utilize the Creative Curriculum® to inculcate developmentally appropriate practices and education for children at all age and developmental levels.


We focus on six core areas of development:







Baby Playing with Abacus


Ages 6 weeks to 12 months

The infants program allows our babies to learn through music, movement, sensory play, language development, art, social circle time, and fine and gross motor skill building. We incorporate consistent vocalization to encourage language development. Our teachers are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of child development.

Toddlers - Preschool

Ages 1 year to 4 years

Research in Early Childhood Learning demonstrates that experiences and environments during the first few years of life are critical to the development of social and cognitive skills. Our toddler curriculum focuses on the development of sensory, motor and language acquisition skills. The program offers consistency for your child through the use of rituals and routine tasks. As your child progresses through preschool, we provide a safe environment where they can explore and learn, while giving them the tools to work on their social behavior and establish inner control.

Kids in Preschool
Reading with Magnifying Glass

Pre-K /


Ages 4 years to 5 years


Preschool | Free VPK | School Age

Florida residents can take advantage of the free Voluntary Prekindergarten (FREE VPK) education program. This innovative program provides children with the best possible start for their academic careers. Whether your child has attended preschool before or not, this our Pre-K/VPK program is the ideal location for introducing your four or five-year-old to the joys of learning. 

The state-sponsored portion of the program is 3 hours per day in the morning. We offer a "wrap-around" option where your child can come in to school earlier and/or stay later throughout the day where we will continue learning and re-enforcing the lessons learned in the mornings, plus some enjoyable social and exploratory time.

To apply, go to (Early Learning Coalition) and click on "Apply for Florida VPK." Use our name as the provider (Our ID is #20719 if needed).


After-school /

Ages 5 years to 12 years

Free pickup from local schools on school-days, combined with dedicated age-appropriate facilities and activities, means you get convenience and growth all in one. Our program is available all year round, even when school is closed. Give your child the opportunity for added learning and social growth with their peers, and acquire peace of mind for yourself in knowing that your child is being productive after school. We have teachers available for homework help if needed, and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to ensure your child excels at their best.

During school closures, including summer months and vacation breaks, we offer a full-scale camp including off-site trips, daily activities and themes, and continued learning opportunities to ensure your child is active and well positioned for the upcoming school year.

Preschool | Free VPK | School Age

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