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Free VPK

Discover Free VPK

At Soaring Eagles Academy, we provide free Pre-K a.k.a. Free VPK classes for children aged 4 by September 1st. Classes follow the Broward County school-year calendar and you enroll children for up to 3 hours per day for free, with a co-pay for a full day of care if desired. The program is a state-sponsored free preschool program designed to give kids the best possible start to their education. We have highly trained staff members ready to provide a fun, challenging, and essential educational material and a quality social experience that will help kids learn and develop critical skills for life. We encourage people interested in this program to contact us directly to get more details about how to qualify and enroll in classes for their kids. They can also visit our website to see the range of program options currently available and a detailed description of the class or program that is offered from Soaring Eagles Academy.

We will be happy to provide information or answers to questions. Children deserve the best possible education and options to help grow and foster their development and social skills. At Soaring Eagles Academy, they can get the experiences that help them achieve those goals and prepare them for more educational experiences in the future.

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